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Conflict situations and stress management

Open course for those who face and have to manage conflicts with external and internal customers

- Learn to handle conflicts in a positive way -

2021 04 21
Location: Hotel "Vilnius Grand Resort"

Number of participants:

iki 15.
  • What is stress? Positive and negative effects of stress;
  • Stress handling mechanism and our possibility to control it. Analysis of specific stressful situations;
  • Anatomy of conflict in a nutshell;
  • Using the Transactional Analysis model when handling conflict situations;
  • Conflict situations management techniques
  • The modern times’ stressogen – lack of time. The modern view of time management;
  • Handling stress when being criticized. How to criticize and accept criticism constructively. The essential principles and techniques. The proper relation between praise and criticism.
  • Current day disbalance between the essential areas of life. The ways to improve the balance between work and personal life.
  • The bank of gold ideas.
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The amount covers the training materials and participation in a 2 days’ seminar with lunch and two coffee breaks.

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Trainer and author - Darius Čibonis