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Read what our customers say about our courses and seminars.

I want to thank a wonderful coach Darius - the time at the seminar flew by and was spent very usefully. I have taken away only positive emotions and motivation to move forward. I give strong 10 points to this training program.

Andrius Dulskis,
Sales Manager at „Adampolis“ UAB (Strategic Sales to Large Accounts)

Seminaras labai naudingas, jaučiuosi gavęs stiprių žinių ir patirties situacijose, kuriose iki šiol jausdavausi nejaukiai ir netvirtai.
Dariaus bendravimas ir sugebėjimas savo mokymų teoriją pagrįsti gyvenimiškomis situacijomis kelia norą kartoti mokymus kitomis temomis.

Vaidotas Kirkickas
UAB "Itella Logistics" Lietuvos siuntų rūšiavimo vadovas ("Derybų vedimo įgūdžiai")

Professional, lively, practical, tangible benefits that I believe will increase our sales. Thanks, Darius, you helped us to become the best!

Lina Sakalauskė,
Marketing Manager at "AD Baltic" UAB ("Active Sales Skills")

Mano nuomone, šie mokymai labai naudingi ir praktiškai pritaikomi daugelyje gyvenimo situacijų. Patiko mokymų pateikimo forma: jokių skaidrių, ne per daug sausos teorijos. Didžiąją mokymų dalį užima praktinė dalis ir aktyvus bendravimas.

Justinas Setkevičius
UAB "Itella Logistics" kurjerių tinklo vadovas ("Derybų vedimo įgūdžiai")

The seminar made a very good impression. Darius inspires to reach for what seems to be impossible. Lots of useful stuff, which can be used in one's everyday work and personal life.

Jurgita Pipiraitė
AS "VIASAT" Recruitment and training specialist ("Effective Management Skills")

I really enjoyed the seminar. Perfect atmosphere and lecturer. The most important thing I obtained is the practical use and clear direction to improve myself along. The important thing is not the amount of knowledge but the extent of its implementation in real life. The seminar encouraged me to smooth out certain skills. Thank you.

Kazimieras Šaveiko,
Head of the Goods Group of "Eugesta" UAB (Presentation skills and techniques)

For the first time in my life I participated in a seminar, where the participants are so much involved into the practical tasks. In addition, it was the first time I felt the stress, present in the beginning of the session, to be gone at the end. Not every presenter has such an ability to “break” the audience.

Mantas Galinis,
Head of Development at "Čeli Automatizuoto Projektavimo Sistemos" UAB (Presentation skills and techniques)

The seminar taught to dare develop people that are smarter than yourself and enjoy doing it. Thanks!

Tadas Abramavičius
"Baltic Consol Line" Business Development Manager (Management Coaching Style)

The theoretical part was brief and up to the point.
Lots of practical tasks.
Professional performance!
A nice feeling of togetherness. Thank you.

Mantas Zikus,
Regional Sales Manager at "Adampolis" UAB (Strategic Sales to Large Accounts)

I genuinely enjoyed the very way of conducting the seminar: the naturalness, manner of speaking and wish to share the knowledge. I received a lot of specific advice, which I will be able to use in my job activities.

Jolita Mackienė,
Head of Service Division at "No Mage Europe" UAB (Managing a sales team)

Executives or decision-makers:
If you still in doubt whether the seminar is worth attending, doubt no more! It is an investment with the 100% return, if attended by the right person. Here complex things are explained in a clear and simple way and with lots of examples.
Best of luck, Darius!

Artūras Jokužys,
Director of "Mirosta" UAB (Active Sales Skills)

Thank you for coming to Riga, to my conference. You were the best ranked lecturer of a day! Congratulations!

I new you would be perfect and you did it again :)

Many thanks I will invite you again, you can count on it!

Solvita Ķieģele
"LETA Reklāmas Serviss" Executive Director, Member of the Board

Before the seminar I was 100% certain that my presentations are perfect. Much to my regret, I received a cold shower already during the first hour. After that I had only one thought in my mind – “what is there to be done” and “will I be able to do it”. However, all the materials, theory course and practical session, received during the seminar, cardinally changed my outlook and presentation preparation skills. Sincerely thank you, Darius.

Edita Sapeliauskienė,
Marketing Director at "Jutrix" UAB (Presentation skills and techniques)

Mokymuose teorines žinias lydėdavo praktiniai užsiėmimai, kurių metu naudojome tik ką išgirstą informaciją, kas leido ją geriau įsisavinti. Praktinės užduotys įdomios bei įtraukiančios.

Tomas Lileikis
UAB "Itella Logistics" tarptautinių pervežimų verslo vadovas ("Derybų vedimo įgūdžiai")

It was a fun training session, which changed my outlook on certain things and my view of sales. I was forced to shake up my actions, my behaviour with customers and planning my strategies in my head. The plan and process of training was very clear and logical. The training materials were informative and valuable. I am full of new ideas, good mood and valuable information.

Zarina Lukošiūnė,
Sales Manager at "Klaipėda Hotel" UAB (Strategic Sales to Large Accounts)

Open seminars is a perfect opportunity to pick up experience from all the participants. Thank you for splendid training, great knowledge and nice emotions!

Anželika Partikienė,
Goods Manager at "Lindstrom" UAB (Effective Management Skills)

A splendid seminar, during which I have received a lot of information, advice and comments. During the seminar we touched upon the situations that I face every day. Lots of advice, which I will use in practice. I hope that by using the acquired knowledge, I will successfully negotiate a lot of new contracts.

Mindaugas Račas,
Project Manager at "Valumina" UAB (Negotiation Skills)

I received a lot of useful and valuable information. I am certain that I will use it when negotiating. Darius is able to base every theory or fact by a clear real-life example. Now everything seems really useful and obvious, that it would be a waste not to use it in practice. The seminar was very useful. Thank you very much!

Ingrida Vyšniauskienė,
Export Manager at "Agrokontraktas" UAB (Negotiation Skills)

Nuostabus seminaras su nuostabiu profesionalu. Nuo šiol derybos vyks kitaip.
Labai patiko praktinės užduotys, kurios verčia išeiti iš komforto zonos ir verčia tobulėti. Visiems rekomenduoju.

Artiom Lisovskij
UAB "Itella Logistics" siuntų verslo vadovas ("Derybų vedimo įgūdžiai")

A splendid seminar for managers, lots of new ideas, which I will easily use in my activities. Little theory and lots of practice help to see one’s mistakes. Great self-analysis, motivating to improve. Thank you, Darius!

Agnė Skeiverienė
Head of Sales at "SKP Langai" UAB (Managing a Sales Team)

I really enjoyed the training session – the expert qualification, not overloaded training materials, real usefulness when applying the learned methods and techniques. In my opinion, the investment into this training course is going to return big time and then some.

Valdas Daujotas,
Director of "Idėjų Sektorius" UAB (Active Sales Skills)

I would like to thank you for a good and useful time. I really enjoyed the diversity of methods – the time flew very quickly, since it was interesting. I received ideas for other kinds of action, learned my strengths and what is there to be changed. It was really enjoyable and worth attending. Best of luck to you!

Irma Radauskienė,
Sales Manager at "Klaipėda Hotel" AB (Strategic sales to large customers)

I really enjoyed the seminar, it exceeded my expectations. I received lots of new ideas, which I will use already starting from the next Monday! I believe that will change both mine and my subordinates’ performance and results.

Indronė Paslauskaitė – Afanasjeva
Head of Customer Service for the Baltic Region at "Monetų Namai" UAB (Managing a Sales Team)

First of all, thank you very much, really enjoyed the seminar. The best part - a practice that initially seemed to be a big deal, but none has captured the bad emotions. Very pleased that you have made such a lot. I believe that this is not the last time when you participate in class, because I really loved it.

Ramunė Grušnytė,
Owner of UAB “M-1” (Effective management skills)

I really liked that the content of training was easily understandable, as well as the good comprehension tasks. It was one of those seminars, which not only reminds on the perfectly known, but somehow forgotten methods, but also allows for learning lots of new things. I have acquired some really valuable knowledge. Thank you!

Justina Kruglovaitė,
Project Manager at "Novameta" UAB (Strategic Sales to large Account)