Dariaus Čibonio mokymų centras




My name is Darius Čibonis. I help companies increase profits by training and consulting their people in the areas of sales, negotiations and management for the recent 22 years.


I run a consulting company, and prepare development programmes, which help companies to be more successful in achieving their goals. I believe that today theoretical knowledge is easily accessible to everybody, however on the frontline of business one simply does not have the time to remember what one has read. In a dynamic environment the result is determined by professional skills and habits, therefore all my training courses are oriented to developing practical skills.


You can choose a form of training which suits your needs – either Open courses or a tailor made In-company training programme.


Main training topics:

  • Sales

  • Negotiations

  • Management

  • Leadership

  • Coaching (including preparation of coaches for companies)

  • Presentation and public speaking skills

  • Conflicts management

  • Key account sales; sales to large customers 

  • Speeches at conferences in Lithuania and abroad.

I provide my services in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.


Would you like to develop the whole team? We are happy to prepare and carry out an in-company training for your company. Write to me info@cibonis.lt