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Active Sales Skills

Open course for those who actively sell products or services

- Sell easier and more profitably -

Location: Hotel "Vilnius Grand Resort"

Number of participants:

iki 16.
iki 15
iki 15
  • Profile of a successful sales person.

  • Main principles of customer segmentation. How to maximise profits with optimal efforts.

  • Sales efforts analysis and optimization model “Activeness – Direction – Efficiency” for self-evaluation.

  • Booking a sales meeting over the phone. How to get customer’s attention during the first 30 seconds.

  • Structure of an effective sales meeting.
  • Start of the meeting. How to arouse the customer’s interest from the start and keep the initiative.

  • Learning the needs vs. Developing the need awareness.

  • The bigger the need, the higher price may be paid for its satisfaction. The technique for building the need awareness.

  • The questions that really increase the need awareness.

  • Making the offer. The ways to make the offer one could hardly refuse.

  • Managing the customer’s objections. Price related objections, psychology and motives behind the words “too expensive”.

  • Negotiating the price. 6 price keeping principles.

  • Overview of the seminar. The bank of gold ideas.

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    Executives or decision-makers:
    If you still in doubt whether the seminar is worth attending, doubt no more! It is an investment with the 100% return, if attended by the right person. Here complex things are explained in a clear and simple way and with lots of examples.
    Best of luck, Darius!

    Artūras Jokužys,
    Director of "Mirosta" UAB (Active Sales Skills)

    Professional, lively, practical, tangible benefits that I believe will increase our sales. Thanks, Darius, you helped us to become the best!

    Lina Sakalauskė,
    Marketing Manager at "AD Baltic" UAB ("Active Sales Skills")

    I really enjoyed the training session – the expert qualification, not overloaded training materials, real usefulness when applying the learned methods and techniques. In my opinion, the investment into this training course is going to return big time and then some.

    Valdas Daujotas,
    Director of "Idėjų Sektorius" UAB (Active Sales Skills)

    690 EUR + VAT per person or

    640 EUR + VAT per person, when registering 3 employees from the same company

    The amount covers the training materials and participation in a 2 days’ seminar with lunch and two coffee breaks.

    REGISTER 100% money back guarantee!
    We could adapt the program specifically to your company needs.
    Contact us to discuss the terms of cooperation: +370 620 10001, +370 609 97856, info@lyderyste.lt
    Trainer and author - Darius Čibonis