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Professional Customer Service

Open course for customer service specialists

- Increase sales through better service -

Location: Hotel "Vilnius Grand Resort"

Number of participants:

  • What is great customer service. What makes customers return.
  • Analysis of Customer Service Case.
  • Active and Passive service. Structure of active customer service talk. 
  • Conversation opening. How to manage the initiative of the conversation. 
  • Power of words: which expressions should be avoided and which ones should be used more often. 
  • Questioning for needs. How to motivate the customer to disclose his needs more openly. 
  • Finding additional needs for cross selling. 
  • Effective argumentation. How to present an offer one could hardly refuse. 
  • Handling the customers' objections. Most common objections and how to handle them effectively. 
  • Handling price negotiations. Viewing discount request as additional sales opportunity.
  • Bank of golden ideas. Overview of the seminar. Action plans. 
  • More Less

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    Trainer and author - Darius Čibonis