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Coaching teams for performance

Open course for experienced managers of people

- Awaken your subordinates' sense of responsibility and awareness -

Location: Hotel "Vilnius Grand Resort"

Number of participants:

iki 12
iki 12
  • How to expand the understanding of one’s possibilities.
  • What is coaching? The coaching culture in management in the 21st century. The difference between coaching and training or consultation.
  • Coaching in management. The essential traits of a specialist coach. Coaching myths and reality.
  • The 5 essential principles of coaching.
  • Why people resist change. The changes formula in coaching.
  • How to turn an idea into a goal and transfer it into an action plan.
  • Using the coaching circle technique for making your vision systematic and specific.
  • Relating the activity goals to a greater mission. The Robert Dilts pyramid model in management.
  • How to set goals, which a person would willingly attempt to achieve. Setting goals with the help of coaching.
  • Control and feedback. Constructive feedback.
  • Developing a solution focusing habit to use in case of problems. Using the G.R.O.W. coaching method in practice, during informal coaching sessions with the staff.
  • When a solution is hard to find: using the “magic” questions in coaching practice.
  • Self-sufficient problem resolution, when there is nobody to ask for advice. The “Mentoring Desk” coaching technique.
  • Creating a better balance between work and personal life. The life balance model.
  • The bank of gold ideas.
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    Buvau labai didelis psimistas apie koučingą, bet supratau, kad tai ne raketų mokslas ir puikus įrankis tiek kitiems, tiek sau padėti siekti ambicingų tikslų ir svajonių.

    Tadas Jeršovas
    UAB "Lukla" direktorius ("Vadovavimas koučingo stiliumi")

    Glaustas ir aiškus informacijos pateikimas. Labai patiko praktiniai užsiėmai, kurie padėjo pagilinti teorines žinias.
    Maža grupė leido gauti daugiau informacijos apie mano asmenines problemas, susijusias su įmonės procesais ir jų valdymu.

    Marius Bieliauskas
    UAB "Pando Moto" COO ("Vadovavimas koučingo stiliumi")

    The seminar taught to dare develop people that are smarter than yourself and enjoy doing it. Thanks!

    Tadas Abramavičius
    "Baltic Consol Line" Business Development Manager (Management Coaching Style)

    690 EUR + VAT per person or

    640 EUR + VAT per person, when registering 3 employees from the same company

    The amount covers the training materials and participation in a 2 days’ seminar with lunch and two coffee breaks.

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    Trainer and author - Darius Čibonis