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Managing a Sales Team

Open course for managers of sales people

- Increase momentum of sales -

2023 10 17-18
Location: Hotel "Vilnius Grand Resort"

Number of participants:

iki 12
  • Qualities of a successful sales manager– what is inborn and what is there to develop;

  • Three main roles of a head of a sales division: manager – administrator - seller. How to set the priorities and become a more efficient manager;

  • The ways to avoid performing the seller’s job. Coaching visits to customers. The most important principles and techniques;

  • Situational management. Choosing the most suitable management style for the sales team;

  • Recruiting the right people. The 3 minutes job interview, which you will easily master and be able to quickly recognize “winners” and avoid potential "losers”;

  • The ways to ensure quick seller’s adaptation on new job;

  • Setting goals with the help of coaching;

  • Auditing sales attempts. The ways to know whether your sellers’ team operates in full effect. The “Activeness – Direction – Efficiency” model;

  • The principal skill of a seller, which should be known to the manager: handling price negotiations effectively;

  • Control and feedback. When and how to provide feedback to motivate change in a person;

  • The bank of gold ideas.

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    I really enjoyed the seminar, it exceeded my expectations. I received lots of new ideas, which I will use already starting from the next Monday! I believe that will change both mine and my subordinates’ performance and results.

    Indronė Paslauskaitė – Afanasjeva
    Head of Customer Service for the Baltic Region at "Monetų Namai" UAB (Managing a Sales Team)

    A splendid seminar for managers, lots of new ideas, which I will easily use in my activities. Little theory and lots of practice help to see one’s mistakes. Great self-analysis, motivating to improve. Thank you, Darius!

    Agnė Skeiverienė
    Head of Sales at "SKP Langai" UAB (Managing a Sales Team)

    The seminar inspired to break myself through and get a new outlook of a manager’s job. The provided knowledge, skills and experience reached all the necessary brain cells.
    Thank you for the nice, sincere and useful time!
    Good luck and till the next time!

    Žydrūnė Vilčinskienė,
    Retail Representative at "Flokatis" UAB (Managing a Sales Team)

    690 EUR + VAT per person or

    640 EUR + VAT per person, when registering 3 employees from the same company

    The amount covers the training materials and participation in a 2 days’ seminar with lunch and two coffee breaks.

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    We could adapt the program specifically to your company needs.
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    Trainer and author - Darius Čibonis