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Managing a Sales Team

Open course for managers of sales people

- Increase momentum of sales -

Location: Hotel "Vilnius Grand Resort"

Number of participants:

iki 15.
iki 15.
  • Qualities of a successful sales manager– what is inborn and what is there to develop;
  • Three main roles of a head of a sales division: manager – administrator - seller. How to set the priorities and become a more efficient manager;
  • The ways to avoid performing the seller’s job. Coaching visits to customers. The most important principles and techniques;
  • Situational management. Choosing the most suitable management style for the sales team;
  • Recruiting the right people. The 3 minutes job interview, which you will easily master and be able to quickly recognize “winners” and avoid “losers”;
  • The ways to ensure quick seller’s adaptation on new job;
  • Setting goals with the help of coaching;
  • Auditing sales attempts. The ways to know whether your sellers’ team operates in full effect. The “Activeness – Direction – Efficiency” model;
  • The principal skill of a seller, which should be known to the manager: handling price negotiations effectively;
  • Control and feedback. When and how to provide feedback to motivate change in a person;
  • The bank of gold ideas.
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A splendid seminar for managers, lots of new ideas, which I will easily use in my activities. Little theory and lots of practice help to see one’s mistakes. Great self-analysis, motivating to improve. Thank you, Darius!

Agnė Skeiverienė
Head of Sales at "SKP Langai" UAB (Managing a Sales Team)

I genuinely enjoyed the very way of conducting the seminar: the naturalness, manner of speaking and wish to share the knowledge. I received a lot of specific advice, which I will be able to use in my job activities.

Jolita Mackienė,
Head of Service Division at "No Mage Europe" UAB (Managing a sales team)

I really enjoyed the seminar, it exceeded my expectations. I received lots of new ideas, which I will use already starting from the next Monday! I believe that will change both mine and my subordinates’ performance and results.

Indronė Paslauskaitė – Afanasjeva
Head of Customer Service for the Baltic Region at "Monetų Namai" UAB (Managing a Sales Team)

590 EUR + VAT per person or

540 EUR + VAT per person, when registering 3 employees from the same company

The amount covers the training materials and participation in a 2 days’ seminar with lunch and two coffee breaks.

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Trainer and author - Darius Čibonis