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Virtual Sales Skills

Virtual sales course for sales people

-You will master the virtual sales method-

место "Zoom" platforma


  • Main challenges of virtual sales meetings
  • Preparation for a virtual sales meeting
  • Structure of a virtual sales meeting.
  • The Opening. How to get the client's attention and interest.. 
  • The Main Part. How to build the need awareness. 
  • The Closing. How to get an agreement. 
  • Proper use of visual aids during a virtual sales meeting.
  • Main practical exercise: partricipants perform online the whole virtual sales meeting and receive feed-back.
  • How to convince the customer over telephone to take part at a virtual sales call.
  • Structure of an effective voice call.
  • Conclusions and overview of the course
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200 EUR + VAT per person or

180 EUR + VAT per person, when registering 3 employees from the same company

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Тренер и автор - Darius Čibonis