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Strategic Selling to Large Accounts

Open course for those who are involved in selling to large accounts

- Learn strategies and tactics of successful selling to large accounts -

Location: Hotel "Vilnius Grand Resort"

Number of participants:

  • Specifics of selling to large customers and requirements for a successful seller;
  • The psychology of making important decisions. Decision-making stages and the seller’s strategy and tactics:
  •  - The stage of realizing the need and the seller’s tactics; most frequent mistakes;
  •  - Alternative options analysis stage and the seller’s tactics. The technique of identifying and influencing the decision-making criteria;
  •  - Doubts settling stage and the seller’s tactics. The seller’s 3 deadly sins;
  •  - Cooperation stage – the seller’s tactics, helping to avoid the customer’s disappointment. The biggest mistakes, resulting in loss of existing customers;
  • The ways to use the customer’s disappointment for strengthening the relations and turning the customer into the company’s biggest fan. Presentation and discussion of successful real-life cases;
  • Decision-makers’ (DM) map. Do not be misled – there is always more than one decision-maker;
  • Strategy and tactics of influencing the entire DM group in complex sales;Preparing the strategic relations development plan with a large customer;
  • Evaluating the participants’ sales skills by using the “Objective behavioural indicators” method;
  • Learning the needs vs. Developing the needs;
  • The bigger the need, the higher price may be paid for its satisfaction. Technique for building the need awareness;
  • Making the offer. How to prepare an offer, in which every member of the DM group would recognize his/her needs;
  • Handling the customer’s objections Price related objections, psychology and motives behind the words “too expensive”;
  • The bank of golden ideas.
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    I would like to thank you for a good and useful time. I really enjoyed the diversity of methods – the time flew very quickly, since it was interesting. I received ideas for other kinds of action, learned my strengths and what is there to be changed. It was really enjoyable and worth attending. Best of luck to you!

    Irma Radauskienė,
    Sales Manager at "Klaipėda Hotel" AB (Strategic sales to large customers)

    I really liked that the content of training was easily understandable, as well as the good comprehension tasks. It was one of those seminars, which not only reminds on the perfectly known, but somehow forgotten methods, but also allows for learning lots of new things. I have acquired some really valuable knowledge. Thank you!

    Justina Kruglovaitė,
    Project Manager at "Novameta" UAB (Strategic Sales to large Account)

    I want to thank a wonderful coach Darius - the time at the seminar flew by and was spent very usefully. I have taken away only positive emotions and motivation to move forward. I give strong 10 points to this training program.

    Andrius Dulskis,
    Sales Manager at „Adampolis“ UAB (Strategic Sales to Large Accounts)

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    Trainer and author - Darius Čibonis